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  • Why am I getting a DIRECTV bill?

    Even if included in your rent, DIRECTV service upgrades such as premium receivers and package upgrades are invoiced and paid to DIRECTV.  New subscribers are eligible for special receiver discounts.

    Common DIRECTV charges you may see on your bill:

    • Receiver Fees
    • Monthly HD fee
    • Monthly premium receiver fees (DVR, HD, HD-DVR, Genie, Genie Mini)
    • Premium Equipment fees if you did not qualify as a new DIRECTV subscriber

    Upgrade Fees

    • Base channel package Upgrades
    • Premium channels like HBO and Showtime
    • NFL Sunday Ticket subscription after trial ends.
    • International Programming
    • On Demand paid movies

    DIRECTV billing questions and disputes should be taken up with DIRECTV. Spartan Net has limited access to DIRECTV billing.

  • DIRECTV Billing Questions
    • Log in to your DIRECTV account to view and manage billing. Add and remove channels and receivers.
    • Call DIRECTV customer care 800-531-5000. The primary customers account number or phone number must be provided to proceed. If you still need help, contact the Spartan Net office.

    Note: Programming, pricing and offers are subject to change and may vary in certain markets.