What can we help you with?

Internet & WIFI


  • Access my Spartan Net account

    To manage billing information & payment methods:

    • Login to your Spartan Net My Account
    • Click the Billing tab on the left navigation bar
    • Select “Add Payment Method” to add a payment method.
    • You have access to view your payment history & make payments.

    To recover Spartan Net ‘My Account’ username or password:

    • Visit the Spartan Net website
    • Click ‘My Account'
    • Click the forgot username or forgot password link
  • Access my DIRECTV account

    Follow the link provided to access your DIRECTV account: https://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/login/login.jsp

    If you haven’t, first activate your DIRECTV account.

    Reset my DIRECTV password

  • Where can I find my DIRECTV account number?

    Your DIRECTV account number can be found:

    • On the receipt provided with your DIRECTV equipment during pick-up or install
    • By logging into your Spartan Net My Account and clicking the DIRECTV tab
    • Displayed on your DIRECTV bills
    • If you still need help, contact the Spartan Net office.
  • Privacy Policy

    The Web Services Privacy Policy describes the information Spartan Net collects about you when you use any of the Spartan Net Web Services, how Spartan Net uses that information, and how Spartan Net protects your privacy when you use certain websites, mobile applications, and other interactive features.

    View the privacy statement.