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Business Security

Spartan Net offers custom video surveillance systems using IP cameras for properties and commercial businesses throughout the Lansing and Grand Rapids area.

IP Camera Systems

Ease of Use

Spartan Net surveillance includes web-based browser software so you can monitor your business from virtually anywhere.You will have the ability to view live data as well as reviewing past incidents by date and time. IP technology lets you choose from still photos or AVI files of an incident. Footage is archived for up to 30 days for your convenience.

Superior Installation

Our camera systems utilize Power over Ethernet making it easy to connect with just one Ethernet cable, no power cable required. PoE allows you to install cameras where you need them most rather than depending on the closest electrical outlet. Wireless access is also available for cameras that must be installed in remote locations.

IP Clarity

The high bandwidth speeds provided by Spartan Net’s fiber network allow your site to use the latest IP video surveillance systems. State of the art IP based cameras have megapixel capability for superior image quality. Unlike analog camera systems, the digital images will not lose quality in transmission or storage with an IP camera system.

Cost Effective

​Not only do IP camera systems provide a clearer picture quality and remote access, but they are also typically more affordable than older analog systems. IP cameras can transmit video, audio, and power on a single network cable and even better, a single cable can typically handle 8 or more cameras.

VMS puts you in control of your business. Monitor your business from virtually anywhere with the monitor station, web client, and mobile app. You can access live and recorded video no matter where you are.

Door Access

Door Access systems provide a secure and safe work environment for all. With IP Card Readers on the desired door, only authorized users may gain access to certain areas of your business. You can control who comes and goes, even with employee turnover.

Door Entry

Spartan Net offers secure door entry systems to help determine who should gain entrance to your building. Panels at each entrance allow those inside to determine whether a visitor should be let into the building. Outdoor panels can even be equipped in color video so you can view visitors. Entry systems offer peace of mind for workplaces, Multi-Family properties, and more.

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