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Residential Fiber Internet

Spartan Fiber Internet is up to 100x faster than traditional high-speed Internet. Download an HD movie in less than 34 seconds! Make sure your next apartment is powered by Spartan Net.

Reliable Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet Service

Spartan Net Speed

Up to 100x faster than the competition. 1 Gig service means download and upload speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

Superior Streaming

Spartan Net connects directly to major streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Enjoy smooth streaming and minimal buffering.

Unlimited Data

No more restricting usage! With unlimited data, Spartan Net provides ultra high-speed service and actually encourages customers to use it.

24/7 Tech Support

Unmatched customer service from certified technicians. Service calls are always free. 24/7 tech support available at 1-866-386-7778.

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Find Your Fiberhood

Gigabit Internet and Online Gaming make the perfect match. The enemy of online gaming is high latency and with typical ping rates of under 3 milliseconds our customers can play on!

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Spartan Net is the first ISP to bring residential Gigabit service to Michigan.

Apartment WiFi that Moves With You

Ultra-Fast Wireless Speed

Our high-performance WiFi gives you the best performing (802.11AC) wireless and allows access throughout your apartment community.

WiFi Mobility

Access Spartan Net WiFi at other communities we serve for blazing fast WiFi and save on cell phone data usage fees. Look for Spartan Net SSID throughout Lansing as well as Grand Rapids apartments.

Reliable Performance

Adaptive BeamFlex+ technology optimizes connections for each and every device. This means you can use more devices, in more places, with the same great connection.

Guest Access

Let guests use social media and other Internet services on our free guest network.

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