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Commercial Building Fiber

Unlock the possibilities for your building & tenants. Become a Spartan Fiber ready building.

Business Fiber Internet and TV

Restaurants & Bars

Office Buildings

Shops & Services


Campus Housing

Assisted Living

Medical and Dental Offices


Becoming a Spartan Fiber ready building may be the difference between having vacant space and having potential clients begging you for space.

Unlock the Possibilities for your Building & Tenants

At no cost to you, Spartan Net partners with owners to fiber ready buildings and individual office suites to add value to tenants.

Our fiber optic network is capable of gigabit speeds up to 1,000 Mbps!

Up to 100x faster than traditional high-speed broadband internet.

Businesses see fiber ready buildings as prime locations to conduct business at fast speeds.

Moving information to the cloud requires a consistent connection.

Turnkey Service Provider

Higher Value Tenants

Businesses that use higher technology tend to be better tenants with growing demands for space.

Seal the Deal

As potential tenants search for fiber enabled buildings, your's will be “move in ready”.

Increase Property Value

Studies show connecting to fiber optic networks increase property values by 3%.

Maintain Long-Term Tenants

When signing long-term leases, tenants want to make sure the property will meet their future technology needs.

Local Service

We provide local same day service as well as 24/7 support.

Synchronous Speed

Unlike cable, fiber provides the same upload and download speeds.

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