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Internet & WIFI


  • Gaming Issues

    If you are using a gaming console and experience connection or NAT type issues, you may be at a community with NAT turned on. You can try to resolve this by doing the following:

    1.       If you are connecting through your own router and experiencing gaming issues try plugging your game console directly into a wall port and restart your game console.
    2.       If you are connecting through your own router and cannot plug directly into the wall, try unplugging/disconnecting from your own router and connecting over community wifi and rebooting your console.
    3.       If you are already connected by one of the aforementioned methods try rebooting your console.
    4.       If you still experience problems Spartan Net Network Operations Center will need to disable NAT’ing.

  • Open Nat Type

    Open Nat type allows you to:

    • Host games and connect with other players 
    • Lower latency in games and less chance of disconnections. 
    • Smooth video chats 

    Request an open NAT type

    Once your NAT type is changed to open, follow these simple steps:
    o   If your gaming system is plugged directly into the wall, i.e. not using a personal router, reboot your gaming system.
    o   If you have a personal router that your gaming system is plugged into, reboot your router.